Knowledge Aid Association

ILDES is a legal association concerned with information and humanitarian values, and sights for the wellbeing of the graduate education in our country. Established by ’Türkiye Sevdalısı’ along with citizins of around the world, since 22/05/2017

ILDES was established to provide indiscriminate aid to students of social and scientific faculties.

ILDES’s general target is to provide planning, projects, and education to students, and especially to the orphans in our country.

ILDES aims to help the orphan guests and immigrants to adapt, have self-confidence, and be individuals of benefit to the community.

ILDES aims to teach the orphans Turkish and Osmanli language in the most effective methods, and to teach them how to read, understand, and correctly interpret our cultural heritage, so they may enter and win competitions in the right time and place.

ILDES aims to present different cultures, accumulations and experiences to the people of our country in the most beautiful way with local conference and symposiums.

ILDES aims to construct relations between world countries, especially Islamic countries, based on unity and peace.